Test Report Formatting

We have a standard format for our unit test reports. There is a section at the top that identifies all kinds of information about what we are testing. Then there is a section in the middle for our test steps. Finally there is a section at the bottom where we list our test results. Aside from these major areas on the document, we are pretty free in how we write our documentation.

The most important part for me is the steps. That is the meat of the test documentation. I often ponder what the best way to document your test steps is. Our testing team usually has generic steps that try to show the intent of what they are testing. I like to document very specific steps that anyone could follow if they read the document.

The problem with my technique is that it is hard to see the big picture of what those steps are accomplishing. Sure I could read the steps, and remember back what was in my mind. However I think the document should be readable to anyone else as well. Perhaps a combination of detailed steps with occsaional commentary to explain the big picture are in order.