Marked as Passed

Our development team has delegated the first line of cutomer support to our internal testing team. The test team is to try to replicate problems reported by our customer. This cuts down on developers being distracted from their primary role. It is best if the internal testers can help the customers figure out what's wrong.

Recently the customers reported a very strange behavior in some of our new software. A tester got assigned the task to replicate the problem. This tester could not even get the applicaiton launched. She reached out to a developer for help. The developer produced a recent build for the tester to use. Then tester then was able to launch the app.

This tester proceeded to then try the steps documented by the customer trouble ticket. There was no trouble for the tester when she tried following the steps. She made the conclusion that they developer must have fixed the customer problem. The tester reported that the problem was fixed and verified. Management took this diagnosis as gospel. Promises were made.

Disaster ensued from this mix up. The customer thought they were getting a fix. They received no such correction. Imagine development's surprise when this thing came back to us. Development was sure they never resolved the problem that the customer raised. This was tracked down and the conclusion was that the tester was never able to recreate the problem voiced by the customer. This is much different than testing and passing a fix.