Automation Saves the Day

We have a new developer working on fixing some bugs. She got assigned a tough part of the system. The actual code is not too difficult. The testing is a real chore. The processes need a lot of requirements to be met before any of the data is processed. I have gone through this pain in the past while trying to test out large changes to this subsystem.

Luckily I performed a lot of tests and set up a data generation system. This system creates just the right data to test out all parts of the subsystem. I found this data generation to have come in handy when the test team could not figure out how to test any of this stuff.

The new developer was running a little behind schedule. She was finding, like all would, that it was next to impossible to test anything in this subsystem. I pointed her to the testing data generator and her problems were solved. Now she is teaching some testers how to use this tool to conduct their own test data sets. This tool is going a long way to making peoples' lives easier. Mine included.