Independent Verification

Our project has an independent testing team. Their goal is to verify that our software meets the requirements and has minimal bugs. The lead of this team recently left the company. Her replacement seems like she has management potential.

We just got through a big release of our software. It was to be delivered on a Friday. I was taking it easy that Friday since it had been a long week. Things were supposed to go out easily, with a formality of checking our production install.

One of the testers noticed some errors in the application. It turns out the changes for the release were not in order. The thing that was disturbing was that the software changes had passed test. Now it looked like the pass was achieved in error. Now the delivery was late and we had an emergency on our hands.

They needed some testing to get done. The guy who was supposed to have completed the testing had already left the company. Darn. The existing testers had little clue as to how they might test the system. What did we do? The developers were brought in to rerun the testing. Sounds like a massive fail to me.