TestComplete by Smart Bear Software

Smart Bear Software has announced the newest version of their TestComplete package. This has a number of tools for testing. I think it aims to allow people with limited technical skills to become productive in testing. However there are some hooks in there for advanced users as well.

There is a Test Visualizer that let's you set up tests by clicking around in the user interface. There is also another tool that let's you type in free form text of the test. It then reads your text and generates test scripts. That seems pretty amazing.

The tool also has a Data-Driven Loop Wizard which let's you import data from a file to create tests. Finally for the seasoned testers, there is the JavaBridge. It allows you to use an API to grab data from within a Java application. That is sweet. If I get into more Java development, that feature alone could be worth the cost. Pricing starts at a grand for the Standard version.