Automated out of a Job

I read an incredible story today. Not sure if it true or not. Still very interesting. A guy got hired in the quality assurance department. He was a programmer at heart. So he decided to automate his job. He was able to spend about a week to get a set of programs to do all the testing he was assigned.

Here is the strange part. After totally automating his job, he sat back and start to chill. He came to work. But he played video games and worked out at the gym. He kept to himself and was not noticed for six years. His programs kept doing the verification that was required for a whopping six years.

Eventually his boss found out and fired him. Personally I applaud his automation skills. Maybe if he was better at being on the down low, he might have had a job for another six years or more. The guy was frugal and saved up a lot of cash. Now he is thinking about learning some newer technologies and going back to programming.