Software Testing Class

I saw a posting for a free Software Testing course by Udacity. It starts up in a few weeks. I am busy this summer trying to relearn the Java programming language. However I always wanted to check out some online learning that does not suck. It seems that online is the future.

This course covers things such as code coverage (no pun intended). It also seems to spend a lot of time on random testing. I just finished up some unit testing. So this topic is very relevant to my job at work. The course is taught by John Regehr and Sean Bennett. To tell the truth, I don't know these guys. But they must be okay if they are approved to teach at Udacity.

I am not exactly sure how Udacity makes money. The courses seem free. Perhaps it is advertising funded? It looks like they don't require you to even buy a book. The whole school seems to be based on the Python programming language, which I have no experience in. I really want to get involved with some online learned that represents the education model to come.