More on Fuzzing

Development magazines are paying more attention to fuzzing. Fuzz testing is subjecting an application to random data to see what breaks. This is applicable to web apps. It can be part of a comprehensive security test. Fuzz testing let’s you try inputs that stimulate paths a tester might not normally think about, or have time to manually perform.

There are free fuzz test generators out there. Some are Peach Fuzzer, MiniFuzz, and Spike. There are also some commercial products to assist with fuzzing as well. But let’s get back to why fuzzing is a good idea. Normally you test positive aspects of requirements. However you should also be testing for things not covered by any requirement. This is where fuzz testing can come in real handy.

I am a developer. Right now I am not employing fuzz testing yet. However I hope the independent test team on my project is hot on the technique.