Testing is Hard Work

Yesterday the test manager on my project came to visit me. She was planning the tests for some new changes I am working on. She asked me to explain some of the changes as they did not make much sense to her.

I tried to get into the details with her. She took some notes. Then she said she would get some people from her team to dig into it. Today I got a message from her. She said her team could not make heads or tails of the requirements, and asked me to help them.

Well I shot off an informative email on the current state of the application, and what the customer wanted instead. Then I got a response on how they could test that. I gave the test team a little more information. Then I got another response asking how they could set up data to do the tests.

I did not want to just provide them with my own unit test plan. Then they would not be adding any value to the work. In an ideal world, they would be able to figure out how to test according to the documented requirements. Unfortunately the requirements team does not know much more than the testers. So I continued to try to give more ideas until they felt like they had enough to go on. How do we get to that ideal world where there is independent validation of my work?