Dev Test

I am a software developer by trade. Most projects I have worked on were mainly software maintenance. However I have worked on quite a few new development projects. It seems that I often write more code to do unit tests that I do to implement the software. This is normally for code that is mission critical, where errors can be very costly for everyone involved.

So I have started this blog to research the verification and validation field. Specifically I want to focus on the testing of computer software. Sometimes normal developers consider test professionals to be a step or two below a coder. However I have worked on projects where the quality assurance team were the domain experts and knew what the users wanted the software to do. I am sure those that test at big commercial companies like Microsoft are no slouches.

On a related note, I recently went to an interview for a software position. Got interviewed by a number of people on the project. The most intense interview was with the lead of the test team. This guy was a former developer and the one that had been on the project the longest. I aced a couple of tough testing questions from him. But I got some others that I had trouble working my way through. Perhaps those questions will serve as a starting point for the discussions here:

1. What is a load test?
2. What is a stress test?